Category: Roofing Repairs

building and roofing repairs carried out around the Tameside area

A chimney pot had fell off the roof in the strong wind and smashed a hole through the slate roof. 

Roof leak or condensation

This short video should help you work out if leak or condensation

We receive lots of calls in cold months with reports of leaks in roof. Most have damp ceilings and patches on the walls they can look like roof leaks. This short video will help you decide if you need a roofer or not this can save you money. Iv been to jobs where the customers have spent lots on repairs to fix the roof and say the roofer has done a bad job. The problem most of the time was not a leak in the roof or a external wall that has problems its just high humidity and this video can show you and give advice to help. see our PIV video if you have condensation and don't like your windows open, we are Tameside based so can visit and look if needed but have to charge as we often find the roof to not be the problem £60 will give you a humidity reading and a look at the roof.  

Lead valley replace

Strip back the roof tiles and remove the damaged split lead. clear and felt the valley and install a new code 4 lead valley. finally fix back the roof tiles and point up the valley edges with cement

Strip roof and replace felt

Strip back roof to find the felt had failed at the bottom we striped the roof back and fitted new felt. replaced the laths a and tiles.